Integrated DDI: the hidden helper for network management visibility

Integrated DDI: The Hidden Helper for Network Management Visibility

Technology provides a plethora of solutions to keep businesses innovating. But implementing these ideas into a successful IT transformation initiative...

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Battling connected IoT devices with DNS security

Win the Battle Against Connected Devices with DNS Security

Connected cameras, vending machines and light bulbs have become the unexpected vectors of the latest cyberattacks. These are just the…

Traditional firewalls are not enough to protect DNS

Why Protecting DNS Requires More Than Firewalls

Way back when, in the early days of the Internet, all we needed to protect our systems was a firewall….

Using DNS to Defend Against IoT Botnets

Sometimes cyberattacks come from a direction you weren’t really expecting. We all know about threats from ransomware, nation-state actors, industrial…

GDPR Compliance IDC Blog

Ensuring GDPR Compliance by Preventing DNS Exfiltration

The implementation of the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now a bit more than a year away….

DDI – Measuring Real-World ROI

This week’s blog is courtesy of guest author Kevin Tolly, Founder of The Tolly Group, an award-winning analyst, author and…

Modern DDI: Your Quick Answer to Technical Debt

We live in a world of networks, where users expect instant access to online services, and where our services need…

Fighting DDoS Attacks with Hybrid DNS

DNS security has been in the news again, with one of the largest DDoS attacks ever disrupting the Dyn cloud…