DNS flag day

DNS Flag Day: Notes for EfficientIP Customers and Beyond

DNS is one of the foundation protocols of the internet, designed around 1987- which can technologically seem like an eternity…

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SDN deployments of user networks

Simplify SDN Deployments of User Networks with End-to-End Automation

Access networks are evolving as enablers of digital transformation In these times of digital transformation and cloud migration that tend…

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Threat Intelligence

DNS Threat Intelligence for SOC: How It Needs to be Built

Extreme diversity and growth of menaces, together with increasing network complexity, is making it very challenging for today’s security managers…

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2019 EfficientIP Predictions

IT and Networks 2019: Prediction of Biggest Impacts

2019 is here, so it’s time to look closer at what this year will bring for network management, IT digital…

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Year in Review 2018

2018: The Year That Saw DNS Hacks Bring the Internet to its Knees

2018 has turned out to be the year of the breach. No sooner than we got over November’s LastPass outage,…

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web proxy blog

Web Proxy: Understanding Why It Is Not Enough

Web proxies are designed as intermediary layers between clients and applications, to accelerate surfing as well as securing communications and…

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DNS Security for Telco

Telcos Have Everything to Lose from DNS Attacks

Last month, telco service provider O2’s service went down across the UK. Users were unable to make calls, texts, or…

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IP Address Management (IPAM) Best Practices to Simplify Network Management

What is IPAM? Best Practices for Simplifying Network Management

We live in an IP-centric world. Explosion of IP addresses is being driven by increases in connected devices, apps and…

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