DNS security best practices

Secure Your Network with DNS: Episode 1 – Best Practices Overview

This blog is the first of four episodes which help describe best practices for utilizing DNS to protect your overall…

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LTE DNS over TLS response

Breaking LTE on Layer Two – DNS Over TLS Response

Recent disclosure of a paper describing an attack (aLTEr) against LTE networks titled “Breaking LTE on Layer Two” is surprisingly…

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Global DNS Threat Report Results

North American Businesses Aware of DNS Threats, But Not How to Mitigate Them

This is the third installment in a series of regional explorations into the network threat landscape. After Europe and Asia-Pacific…

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Overcoming the Limits of SIEM for Network Security

How to Overcome SIEM Limitations for Network Security

SIEM technology has been in existence for more than a decade, providing consolidated security reports from correlated event logs, often…

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IoT and Network Automation

Successful IoT Projects: The Key Role of Automation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is placing huge challenges on network managers across all industries. With booming endpoint numbers and…

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Data theft- firewalls alone cannot protect

Data Theft: Why Firewalls Alone Cannot Protect You

Who nowadays is not worried their data will be used without their permission? Recent major data breaches, from Equifax to…

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Network Armageddon comic post

Network Armageddon: The Origin Episode 22

“Network Armageddon: The Origin” is an EfficientIP comic, following four IT colleagues as they navigate the perils of the evolving…

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DDI Uncovered: Bringing Networks Substantial Time and Cost Savings

Once upon a time, IT managers had a piece of paper in their hand detailing every IP address and MAC…

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