Get Ready For the Future of Retail with DNS

Walk into a modern shop and you’ll see this new interface to the world of retail. It’s chip credit card…

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Anyone For Tennis? Serving Up Secure DNS

If you think about the ideal scenario for a hacker to gain access to systems, you would come up with…

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GDPR Compliance IDC Blog

IT Teams – Beware of Accidental Fame Thanks to GDPR

Fame is something most IT practitioners never experience, nor desire. However, this IT instinct to stay ‘below the radar’ is…

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All or Nothing: Why Partial Automation Does Not Work

As we build out cloud applications and networks, we need to change the way we deliver and manage IP addresses….

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Universities + DNS security

IoT Security:
Are Universities’ DNS and DHCP Ready for the Challenge?

Today, our communications are greatly enhanced by access to the Internet, giving the ability to connect computers through a global…

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Improving DNS Security Helps APAC Businesses Stay Online

EfficientIP’s 2016 global DNS security survey doesn’t just show the global picture; it lets us drill down into regional differences…

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European Businesses At Risk of DNS-Powered Security Breaches

The European single market is an attractive place to do business, an open trade zone with common regulation that encompasses…

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3 Ways U.S. Companies Can Beat The Competition With DNS Security

This year, EfficientIP conducted one of the largest surveys of organizational understanding of DNS security, exploring attitudes to risk and…

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