Universities IoT and User Experience

IoT in Higher Education: How DDI Enhances User Experience

This week’s blog comes to us from our very own Paul-Emile Bellaloum, Global Project Delivery Manager. Different surveys show that...

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IoT and Network Automation

Successful IoT Projects: The Key Role of Automation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is placing huge challenges on network managers across all industries. With booming endpoint numbers and…

2018 Predictions for public and private sector network IT and security

Network Security: A 2018 Priority for Public & Private Sectors

2017 featured some of the largest cyber attacks on record, a  trend which is not likely to stop or slow…

2017 Year in review- DNS security, network management

2017: Bad Year for DNS Security, but Network Management Getting Hot

The past year saw some of the largest cyber attacks on record such as WannaCry, Petya and Mirai. The emergence…

Network security for universities

Network Security– Are universities ready to deal with unexpected issues?

Modern higher education needs technology. IT drives research projects, it powers administrative systems, and it’s on every student’s desk and…

Universities + DNS security

IoT Security:
Are Universities’ DNS and DHCP Ready for the Challenge?

Today, our communications are greatly enhanced by access to the Internet, giving the ability to connect computers through a global…