Cisco DNA + EfficientIP Integration

SOLIDserver IPAM Integration to Cisco DNA Brings Last Mile Automation

EfficientIP DDI solution (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) is now available on the Cisco Marketplace as a companion to the intent-based network solution Cisco...

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Data regulations 2020

Data Regulations 2020: Time to Step up Your Data Theft Protection

Today’s data-driven economy is being led by personal data, so naturally focus is turning more strongly to privacy and protection….

DNS Flag Day 2020

DNS Flag Day 2020: Improving Internet DNS Security

Although the DNS protocol is not secured by default, it is mainly used on IP networks as the key element…

Networks & IT Predictions 2020

Predictions 2020: Networks and IT Biggest Impacts

From 5G driving SDN and NFV, to exploding enterprise apps, edge computing, connected hybrid clouds and, of course, cybersecurity, the…

EfficientIP 2019 Year In Review

2019: The Year That Saw Cost Per DNS Attack Soar Past $1M

For organizations globally, across all industries, cybersecurity was once more one of the hottest topics of the year. The SonicWall…

GSLB for WAN failure

How Edge DNS GSLB Ensures App Availability During WAN Failure

Detecting IP path failures on enterprise networks is becoming increasingly complex with SD-WAN and multi-cloud approaches. Regardless of the way…

Traditional Firewalls Are Not Enough

Why Protecting DNS Requires More Than Firewalls

(This week’s blog article was originally published in March 2017, but still rings true today). Way back when, in the…

GSLB & Automated Application Deployment

GSLB & Automated Application Deployment

Deployment or migration of applications in multi-cloud infrastructures can be made simpler and faster by using GSLB configuration to connect…

Cloud to the Edge

Cloud to the Edge Brings IP Space Complexity

The future of cloud computing is near the edge. Edge computing brings compute and storage at the network perimeter, closer…