Data Security AssessmentProtect Your DNS, Protect Your Business!

For Effective Network Defense, First Understand Your Main Security Flaw – DNS

Ensuring network security is becoming more and more complex with the advent of trends such as IoT, BYoD and Cloud. DNS service is mission-critical for providing access to applications & services, hence is considered the cornerstone of network infrastructures.

However, DNS is open by nature and is rarely monitored or analyzed, making it the easiest targets for cybercriminals as most malicious activity usually slips under the radar. This makes DNS exfiltration an «easier» option than other means of data theft. In fact, over 90% of malware use DNS to gain command and control, exfiltrate data or redirect traffic. Restricted DNS traffic analysis or basic blocking countermeasures used by standard security systems such as next-gen firewalls or proxies imply serious security risks.

Your Data Confidentiality Test: Exfiltration of Data via DNS

In order to verify your protection against data theft, EfficientIP offer a swift security assessment of your existing DNS architecture and protection systems in place. The data security assessment includes *:

  • A workshop with your teams to check DNS configurations in
    your network
  • A non-invasive penetration test / exfiltration test of your current DNS
    · Only read-only actions will be performed
    · No modifications made to existing configuration
    · Pen testing is carried out from EfficientIP’s specifically-designed toolkit

* Details and any pre-requisites will be specified in the Statement of Work for your project.


“Importantly, EfficientIP continuously monitors complete DNS transactions. This means that hackers attempting to stay below the radar in terms of, for example, record length or frequency, are still likely to be detected.”

– IDC Technology Spotlight: Dealing with DNS-Based Data Breaches to Avoid GDPR Non-Compliance, 2017

What You’ll Receive

A Detailed Assessment Report Containing:

  • Checks performed & summary of results
  • Evidence of exfiltration success
  • Recommended actions to improve: protection against data theft / security of resources and users / continuity of service / service quality, performance and user experience

An Onsite Results Presentation to Your Technical and Management Teams

  • Explanation of assessment results
  • Review of recommended actions


  • Receive advice and support to address complex security vulnerabilities and protect sensitive data
  • Ensure your DNS configuration is optimal and operating efficiently
  • Understand how to enhance your threat detection capability to protect against stealth or weak signal attacks “under the radar”
  • Deal with dynamic threats on your network (APT, botnets, ransomware) which cannot be effectively handled by firewalls alone
  • Learn how to ensure continuity of service using adaptive countermeasures
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