Webinar: Avoid Data Exfiltration via DNS | 26th September 10.00am GMT

Support and management of the Domain Name System (DNS) is absolutely critical for keeping IT services running, but the protocol itself has become a prime target for cybercriminals. Organizations in all verticals have been widely impacted by DNS-based attacks, and are realizing conventional security systems alone such as next-gen firewalls, intrusion prevention systems or data loss prevention are not adequate to protect user information and ensure service continuity.

The UK is not exempt, with network attacks making a dent in the bottom line and service delivery of businesses in the region. The IDC Global DNS Threat Report showed that the UK had the highest increase in the average cost per attack in the past twelve months, nearly reaching a cost of £1,300,000. UK companies also are subjected to the highest global number of DNS attacks with 12.70 attacks per year .

Join Scott Breadmore, Head of Sales Northern Europe, and Ed Daniel and Nick Fennell, Pre-Sales Engineers at EfficientIP, for a webinar on how to better secure your DNS and avoid data exfiltration.

  • Learn how hackers perform DNS attacks (e.g. Data Exfiltration, DNS Tunneling)
  • Evaluate the consequences of those attacks on your network
  • Learn how to improve your network security by better protecting your DNS

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2 September 2019