Webinar: Cisco Umbrella + DNS Guardian: Extend Your Enterprise Security Perimeter

Your apps, data and users are being attacked. DNS is critical for users to access their apps and services, so has been targeted for 82% of companies worldwide- impacting revenue, brand reputation and operational efficiency. How can you best protect users both on and off-network? 

Enter the first and most robust integration with Cisco Umbrella- DNS Guardian from EfficientIP.

Join the webinar on the complementary aspects of the Cisco Umbrella and DNS Guardian integration and learn about:

  • Key DNS security challenges 
  • Key benefits of the Cisco Umbrella + DNS Guardian technology alliance
  • Demo of the native security integration

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Germany (German): Thursday 30th April 10.00AM CEST

Spain (Spanish): Thursday 30th April 11.00AM CEST

24 April 2020