EfficientIP Announces DNS Guardian

EfficientIP Announces DNS Guardian its new DNS Security Solution

EfficientIP Announces its new DNS Security Solution, DNS Guardian Adding key Innovations and a Brand new Approach to Protect Businesses from DNS Attacks First Solution to Ensure 100% DNS Cache Function Availability under attack Detect – Protect – Remediate West Chester, Pennsylvania – February 10 2015 : EfficientIP, a leading developer and provider of DDI solutions (DNS, DHCP services, and IP address management), today announced a new unique security feature for mitigating DNS attacks. The objective of this patent-pending innovation is to ensure DNS service availability even while under attack and guarantee data integrity. Detect, Protect and Remediate for Smarter DNS Security. For years, IT professionals have installed security solutions in an effort to block illegitimate traffic during an attack. Un- fortunately, the DNS protocol is connectionless, and it is very difficult for existing filtering DNS solutions to accurately differentiate legitimate versus non-legitimate traffic. This method often leads to legitimate traffic being blocked, and it is generally useless against insidious attacks. Looking at the recent DNS attacks on Rackspace and DNSimple last December, it is clear that a breaking new approach had to emerge to efficiently mitigate DNS threats. Read More

12 September 2019