Partner ProgramSOLIDspend Registration

One simple page provides you access to the EfficientIP “SOLIDspend” program.  This program is intended to protect and reward Partners’ investment in activities associated with early positioning of EfficientIP solutions AND reward the Partner as the deal move to a successful sale.

Using the form on this page you will be able to Enroll in the program and Update the status of your opportunity and award eligibility. 

Program Enrollment

To get started, you must enroll in the “SOLIDspend” Channel Incentive program.  Enrollment is quick and simple and must be completed before registering your deal(s).  This one-time step allows us to verify your eligibility and confirm your contact information for any awards.  Using the form select “Step 0: Register to the Program”, upon submission the EfficientIP Channel and Sales team will provide confirmation within 5 business days*.


Step 1: Deal Registration

You can submit this form selecting “Step 1” once you have raised interest with your customers. The EfficientIP Channel and Sales team will quickly connect with you to initiate an introduction call/ meeting with EfficientIP, the customer and yourselves. 

Upon completion of the introduction meeting and confirmation that the deal registration meets the criteria, Step 1 will be completed, confirmation will be provided within 5 business days.*


Step 2: Technical Evaluation

You can submit this form selecting “Step 2” once POC goals/results have been clearly defined, POC duration has been set and client key stake holders (Technical and Financial) have been identified together with the EfficientIP team.  During POC stage, regular contact is maintained between all parties.

This step is completed once technical qualification is completed and agreed results met with the customer, confirmation will be provided within 5 business days.*


Step 3: Deal Closed

You can submit this form selecting “Step 3” once a Purchase Order has been issued to EfficientIP for the customers’ order.

At minimum Step 1 approval is mandatory to have this step completed.  EfficientIP will evaluate the request and provide final approval after all invoices are issued to the Partner/Reseller for the order, confirmation will be provided within 5 business days.*

*To qualify, Partners and Resellers must submit a request that meets the form criteria. Approved form submissions shall be valid for a term of 3 months from the date approved and may be extended to a term not to exceed 6 months. After 6 months, the Partner/Reseller is required to submit a new form. All Steps cannot be submitted independently for validation, except for Step 2 not considered mandatory to be completed in order to fully validate Step 3. Program registration is mandatory in order to participate to this incentive.

At any time, you can view the terms and conditions of the program here


Not registered to the program yet, please complete the form selecting “Step 0: Register to the Program”. 

Questions about the incentive program? Don’t hesitate to contact us here or reach out to us directly at