WebinarMMU Use Case: Migration from Infoblox DDI Made Simple

As an Infoblox customer, are you dealing with inflexible IPAM, too many function-specific appliances, escalating licensing costs, and forced hardware refreshes? Looking for an alternative?

Join the webinar hosted by EfficientIP’s Bob Smiley (former Infoblox SE) and Mike Williams (former Infoblox sales), alongside Justin Michell from current customer Manchester Metropolitan University, to learn more about the ease of transition from Infoblox to the SOLIDserver™ DDI platform. The session covers:

  • Comparisons of the two platforms (business and technical)
  • Case study presented by Manchester Metropolitan University: their Infoblox challenges, migration experience, and network architecture before and after
  • Highlights of SOLIDserver GUI, integrations, customization, and reporting