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White PaperDNS Security Threat Landscape: Know Your Enemy!

What Is Your Strategy For DNS Security?

In this day and age it is understood that the DNS service is one of the most critical IT services of any company in any industry. Many reports from internationally recognized experts, analysts and research institutes have demonstrated the utmost importance of the DNS service to ensure business continuity, which arguably is the most important objective of any network and security teams. Without a doubt, DNS services must be part of the global company’s security plan.

However, existing solutions such as firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems or generic anti-DDoS systems have clearly demonstrated their ineffectiveness to protect mission-critical DNS service (per a 2021 IDC security survey).

Download this white paper and learn about:

  • Volumetric DoS attacks: Direct DNS DoS attacks, DNS amplification, DNS Reflection, NXDomain
  • Stealth/Slow drip DoS attacks: sloth domain attack, phantom domain attack, random subdomain attack
  • Exploits: Zero-Day vulnerability, DNS-based exploits, DNS tunneling, protocol anomalies, DNS cache poisoning