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White PaperIDC DNS Security Survey 2014

72% of companies have been the target of DNS attacks in the last 12 months

With most organizations having some business linked to and more importantly relying on an online presence, challenges linked to DNS servers in the enterprise are one of the biggest concerns for the IT team. The results of a DNS attack can be catastrophic for any organization, resulting in business loss, stolen intellectual property, public leakage of sensitive information and plummeting reputation.

IDC ran a survey in three countries, France, the United Kingdom (UK) and United States of America (US) and gathered information from 244 interviews across multiple verticals and enterprise of sizes of 500 employees and above that have deployed a DNS server in their organization, with the aim to gain insight to thought leadership position around IT security and with a particular focus on DNS security.

This executive brief discusses the results of this survey, and will further look into the challenges, market drivers and risks linked to DNS server, and the threats and vulnerabilities that are inevitably linked to their deployment in any organization.