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IDC Technology SpotlightDealing with DNS-Based Data Breaches to Avoid GDPR Non-Compliance

With the activation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018, organizations across the globe are now required to better protect the personal data of EU citizens. In particular, it mandates a named individual to assume the official role as their organization’s Data Protection Officer, responsible for reporting all known breaches within 72 hours.

This IDC Technology Spotlight, “Dealing with DNS-Based Data Breaches to Avoid GDPR Non-Compliance“, explores the emergence of DNS-based data exfiltration as a growing mechanism for extracting valuable private data, and examines the effect of GDPR on the level of risk organizations now face.

Download the document to learn more about:

  • The added dimension of risk with the introduction of GDPR
  • How DNS exfiltration works, and increases your risk of GDPR non-compliance
  • Best practices to detect and mitigate DNS exfiltration and tunneling