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“The quick transition and the short deadlines were particularly impressive. The IPAM introduction never led to delays; in fact, the whole project was extremely well supported. In that respect, I need to compliment both my own team and EfficientIP.”


–Rodion Wentzek, Solutions Architect, HP  (Germany)

“The EfficientIP Team was excellent to work with and very responsive. We had a smooth successful project implementation and our leadership was very happy with the results.”


–Dan Koehn, Senior IT Manager, United BioSource Corporation (United States)

“I’m very happy with the implementation of SOLIDserver platform at Umicore, and with the way of working at EfficientIP. I’m looking forward to adding some new pieces to the environment already.”


–Pieter Cornelis, Internal IT Technology Consultant, Umicore  (Belgium)

“EfficientIP has been a dream partner for us. This was indeed a risk and a large project…[their] knowledge and partnership was one of the key successes on this project, and we hope to work together again.”


–Mia Macfarlane, Senior Project Manager- Project Delivery- Technology Infrastructure, Moneris  (Canada)

“EfficientIP is the best. We are very satisfied with the results of this project.”



–Fadel Asghari, System Consultant Engineer, Datacomm for Telkomsel (Indonesia)

Services We Provide

EfficientIP’s focus is teamwork, and quality is our driver to success. Our professional services engineers, project managers, and trainers work as a part of your team to deliver the best in DDI. Beyond regular implementation for client rollouts, we offer:




In-house professional services
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Project Delivery Approach

EfficientIP understands that clients feel a risk of change when migrating from one system to another. That’s why we base our project approach on PMI methodology, with each phase ensuring structure and manageable steps. New solution deployments are on a fixed price basis, versus charging for time and materials. Using our proven, repeatable migration processes alongside consistent communication on project goals and timeline, we take full ownership of the deployment.


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New Deployment Phases & Key Deliverables…and Why It Matters

Initiation & Design (typically 4-8 weeks)

This phase of the project’s lifecycle is essential and is the foundation for all remaining phases of the project. First, the EfficientIP Project Manager schedules a kickoff meeting with the Customer’s Project Manager and stakeholders to review the project’s scope, Customer prerequisite tasks to be completed, discusses project framework, schedules training, and provides documentation for initial set up. The project plan is then built based on target dates, as mutually agreed upon with the Customer.

We also conduct design workshops with key stakeholders on the Customer’s side to review the technical solution to be set up, validate functional requirements and discuss migration strategy for the cutover. Those design discussions are captured in a High Level Design (HLD) document, which are the basis for the configuration of the solution moving forward.

Key Deliverables

  • Project register capturing all actions, risks, issues during the project’s lifecycle and reviewed on a regular basis with the Customer
  • Detailed project plan outlining all key milestones and baselined according to Customer’s constraints
  • High Level Design (HLD) describing the configuration to be applied
  • Test Book describing the main standard use cases to validate the solution
  • Draft Migration procedure containing detailed steps to perform the migration and cutover from legacy system to the new EfficientIP solution

Configuration & Testing (typically 4-12 weeks)

In this phase, the EfficientIP PS team applies the design as per the HLD. Appliances are fully configured and all legacy data is imported into the new solution. At this stage, we use temporary IP addresses so there is no impact on the legacy system that serves your users. The data import is mandatory for the testing and validation, to ensure that no data is left behind. The Customer runs User Acceptance Testing with the assistance and guidance of the EfficientIP PS team. We usually recommend setting up a pilot to validate the behaviors, especially for the different DHCP clients. During this phase we also fully validate the migration procedure, to be 100% ready for the go-live in Production.

Key Deliverables

  • Low-Level Design (LLD) detailing the exact configuration and implementation
  • Final migration procedure
  • Customer solution acceptance form

Deployment & Transition (typically 1-3 weeks)

This phase corresponds with the rollout of the new EfficientIP solution into Production. Based on our final agreed migration strategy and procedure, the EfficientIP PS team ensures a smooth migration, where the lead PS engineer assigned to the project takes the ownership of the transition, using our best practices cutover methodology. That engineer also monitors results post-migration the day after to ensure full-service availability to your end users. All preparation made during the previous phases guarantees a cutover without any impact on your current Production services, and without data lost. 

Key Deliverables

  • Final data import files
  • Go Live
  • Real-time ownership during & post-migration
  • Cutover notes / Monitoring log

Project Closure (typically 2 weeks)

Once the EfficientIP solution is in place, the EfficientIP Delivery team works internally to hand over the project to our global Support team. During this period of Final Acceptance, the Customer uses the solution in nominal mode, and is able to raise a ticket to our global Support if required.  However, our PS team is still mobilized during this period to ensure a smooth transition.

Key Deliverables

  • Signed project closure customer acceptance form

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