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Ensuring GDPR Compliance by Preventing DNS Exfiltration

The implementation of the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now a bit more than a year away....

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DDI In Cloud Services

The promise of the cloud is one of scalability- of applications and services that can scale on demand according to…


What Mr. Robot Can Teach Businesses About Network Security

We here at EfficientIP love a good scripted drama…and with the return of the USA Network series Mr. Robot last week,…


Security Meets Regulation-
DNS and the GDPR

The newly announced GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a European Union regulation which will further strengthen the protection of…


3 Ways To Rethink and Simplify Telecom DNS

Cyber-attacks and data leaks among telecommunication providers are a hot topic, especially after the DNS DDoS attack on UK’s ISP…


2016 Report – The Global DNS Threat Survey

This year, EfficientIP pioneered the largest independent survey on DNS services and their importance in IT security attacks so far…


Using DNS To Protect
Your Intellectual Property

  A typical network intrusion isn’t a smash-and-grab raid. It’s a long slow process, where an intruder can spend weeks…


The Internet of Things
and DNS Security

  When we think of the Internet of Things, we usually think of smart home devices such as Nest’s intelligent…


Security Protection Through Hybrid DNS

The more we use the internet, the more important DNS becomes. For such an important service it’s odd that DNS…