DNS GuardianDNS Guardian: Adaptive DNS Security For Service Continuity

Secure DNS Services Require A Purpose-Built Security Solution

The nature of DNS threats is quickly evolving and DNS attacks have become highly sophisticated based on distributed, multi-vector and multi-stage assault modes. Signature-based security solutions such as firewall, anti-DoS or IPS are not adapted to efficiently ensure DNS services availability and integrity. They have proved to be insufficient, even against some basic attacks, and even worse, present a high risk of blocking legitimate clients (false positives). Restricted capacity for DNS traffic analysis and basic blocking-based countermeasure imply serious security limitations and risks: Business downtime, customer data or intellectual property theft, damaged reputations and embezzlement of money.

A modern DNS security system must be agile enough to adapt its protection mechanisms to mitigate the risk of false positives, while ensuring DNS service integrity and continuity to legitimate clients.


Ensure Cache DNS Continuity With Adaptive Security

DNS Guardian offers adaptive security to DNS cache and recursive services by detecting threats and activating adapted counter measures to ensure DNS services continuity and attack mitigation.

DNS Guardian analyzes transactions at the heart of the DNS server (queries, responses, fragments, recursions) to provide an unmatched attack detection capacity, even under volumetric attacks, stealth attacks or exfiltration attempts on confidential customer data (DNS tunneling). It provides unique out-of-the-box statistics for unequalled insights, and reports on DNS traffic without the need for additional appliances. No additional appliance is required to collect statistics and create reports.

EfficientIP’s patented innovation enables graduated and adapted countermeasures according to the threat analysis (through Block, Quarantine and Rescue Modes). It provides intelligent protection to ensure DNS services continuity, even if IP sources of the attacks are unidentifiable. The limit of traditional IP-based blocking solutions is overcome.

DNS Guardian Key Benefits

DNS Guardian enables the SOLIDserver™ application to effectively become its own security system, delivering truly effective and reliable DNS security for protecting your business.


Secure Your
DNS Service

Secure DNS service continuity, even with an unidentifiable attack source



Arm your network/security team with a diagnosis for faster remediation



Reduce costs by simplifying the DNS architecture with purpose-built security DNS servers


Protect Intellectual Property

Protect intellectual property and sensitive customer data

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DNS Guardian is part of EfficientIP’s unique 360° Security technology solution, protecting against volumetric, exploit and stealth attacks for both public and private DNS infrastructures. Click here to learn more about our total approach.

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