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EfficientIP IP Address Management documentation

SMART IPAM, DNS & DHCP Management Automation

DNS, DHCP and IP Addresses Management (DDI) are the foundation of every network infrastructure. Daily business operations from the most benign to the most mission critical rely on network stability and availability (emails, VoIP, web-based applications etc.). Consequently, a company is only as agile as its DDI technology.

EfficientIP's SMART DDI solution adapts to business and IT goals and objectives by allowing the creation of specific DNS, DHCP, IPAM and VLANs deployment processes. SOLIDserver™ DDI appliances provide high availability, security and automation and guarantee that your network infrastructure truly supports your business imperatives.

Comprehensive DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management

SOLIDserver™ ensures integrated and automated management of IPAM with multi-vendors DNS and DHCP services in a single process, ensuring comprehensive visibility, network reliability and reduced costs.

DDI and VLANs Infrastructures at a Glance

Through a powerful user friendly web-based interface, SOLIDserver™ provides real time and consolidated access to DNS, DHCP services, IP/VLAN plans and device information. The holistic search engine ensures unrestricted access to your data without hierarchical tree dependences, across the entire database.

Network Device Port and IP Address Tracking

Discover, track and monitor IP-port connections on the network infrastructure (Switch, port, Vlan, name), including multiple IP addresses per port, dual stack and virtualized equipment.

Save Costs with Unified Multi-Vendor DNS, DHCP and IP address Management

SOLIDserver™ IPAM integrates seamlessly with heterogeneous DNS and DHCP infrastructure (SOLIDserver™, Microsoft®, Open Source-Bind DNS and DHCP ISC services). Centralized management of IPv4-IPv6 Address Management with network services simplifies deployment, increases quality and decreases operating costs.

Smart DNS/DHCP Management and Automation

SOLIDserver™ includes SmartArchitecture™ which provides the ability to graphically design and intelligently automate the deployment of a failover architecture as a holistic single entity. SmartArchitecture™ is a turning point in network services management efficiency, bringing unmatched levels of reliability, scalability and flexibility, compliant with best practices.

End-to-End Control of the Network Infrastructure and Services

EfficientIP's DDI appliances offer centralized monitoring of your IPAM, DNS and DHCP services, ensuring network availability, reliability and service quality.

Quick Troubleshooting and Conflict Resolution

Track IP Address mobility and improve analysis quality and speed (Switch/Port/VLAN/Name/MAC). Reconcile the IPAM repository with the actual allocation of IP resources within the network.

Unplanned Changes and Unauthorized Devices Detection

Intelligent network discoveries make it easy to react to security alerts by quickly locating and removing an infected device.

Recover Unused IPs and Ports

Leverage your network infrastructure investments using real time IP tracking, and then reclaiming unused resources.

Customized DDI Data Reports

Create reports in line with operational needs and simplify data management and analysis.

DDI Delegation and Work Flow

Create administrator groups, organize management rights and processes, and track operational history.

IPAM, DNS and DHCP services reports

IPAM Policies Management: Enforce Rules and Define User Rights

DDI’s best practice enforcement is key to optimized infrastructure and service consistency, reliability, and security. SOLIDserver™ easily integrates administrator defined policies and automates their deployment.

Template-Based Streamlined Resource Qualification

Simplify resource qualification and deployment using wizard driven DDI object templates (IP address, subnets, zones) that guide users, perform data formatting checks or enforces data structure to get rid of qualification errors.

Streamline and Optimize Resource Allocation

Control how, who and where IPAM, DNS and DHCP resources are deployed. Administration delegation is now easy, intelligently organized and under control.

Enforce corporate's DDI Policy

Define management policies for smart automation of IP resources and services. Enforce best practices and ensure compliancy with corporate's rules (subnet sizes, naming conventions, predefined VoIP options, etc.).

DNS, DHCP, and IPAM Process Management & Automation

Daily business operations rely on network availability and stability. EfficientIP SMART DDI solutions bring unmatched ability to model specific DDI deployment processes in line with business goals. Once designed the DDI schemes, SOLIDserver™ automates in one single step the provisioning of a complete set of resources with multiple subnets and DNS-DHCP services, for a new branch office, market store, a bank agency or a factory.

Thanks to process automation, SOLIDserver™ appliances suite brings an unparalleled flexibility, scalability and automation capability to support business operations.


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