Mitigating Attacks on Finance with DNS Security

Mitigating Cyberattacks on Financial Sector with DNS Security

The financial sector has gradually outsourced banking and financial services, migrated apps and data to the cloud, and developed platforms...

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DNS for NFV and 5G: Automatic Scaling and Easy Instantiation

Modern application developments should integrate cloud design principles including meshing, redundancy, horizontal scalability and being event driven. Infrastructure services can…

The Importance of DNS Security for Education

Mitigating Data Theft in the Education Sector with DNS Security

In recent years the education sector has undergone a significant digital transformation, replacing school books with tablets and in some…

Enabling Industry 4.0 through DNS Security

Enabling Industry 4.0 Through DNS Security

Industry 4.0 is defined as the ongoing transformation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices combined with the newest smart technology….

DNS Security in Healthcare

DNS Security in Healthcare: Paving the Way Toward Secure Health Infrastructure

In recent years, the pace of digitization in the healthcare sector has accelerated rapidly. Devices and applications in hospitals are…

DNS over TLS for Privacy

DNS over TLS for Improved Privacy

For various reasons, DNS transport could be secured through encryption, with DNS over TLS (aka DoT) being one obvious solution…

DNS GSLB & Service Mesh for Continuous Delivery

DNS GSLB & Service Mesh for Continuous Delivery

For users to access their applications, DNS resolution to determine the destination and IP routing to find the path are…

DDI Metadata

Enhance Data Management Efficiency Using DDI Metadata

DDI solutions consist of tight integration of DNS, DHCP and IPAM services and can be considered as the single source…