DNS BlastCarrier-Grade DNS DDoS Attack Protection To Combat Extreme Volumetric Threats

Mitigate Risk Before DNS DDoS Attacks Take Down Your Business

The scale, frequency and sophistication of volumetric DNS attacks are increasing rapidly, being amplified by the fast-growing deployments of unsecured IoT devices, mobility and BYOD. DNS service has become one of the most targeted application-layers by hackers, and specifically for layer 7 DDoS attacks.

While most organizations are aware of DDoS attack security risks, the majority of them have not deployed modern DNS DDoS protection solutions and are still using traditional enterprise network security solutions such as firewalls, which are not designed for the DNS protocol.

New DDoS mitigation techniques must be deployed to tackle these threats. Only purpose-built DNS protection solution offering both high performance and advanced analytics can efficiently and proactively strengthen business continuity, data confidentiality and user experience to the level your company deserves.

2022 Global DNS Threat Report

Discover the growing dangers of DNS attacks, and read the results of the worldwide survey from EfficientIP and IDC.


World Fastest DNS_17Mqps_v2

World’s Fastest DNS Appliance with the Most Advanced Security Features

DNS Blast delivers carrier-grade DNS performance for ISPs and enterprises, enhancing security while reducing infrastructure complexity. It is a purpose-built hardened security appliance combining the world’s fastest DNS cache appliance (up to 17 Million QPS) with the most advanced built-in security features to intelligently protect against the largest spectrum of DNS threats. This game-changing technology offers a revolutionary approach to DNS cache and recursive security with unique and patented innovations to protect against security threats, regardless of the DNS attack type: cache poisoning, zero-day, data exfiltration, volumetric attacks (DDoS/DoS, amplification/reflection).

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Simplify Your Network and Enhance User Experience

Leverage DNS Blast performance and security features to reduce infrastructure costs and complexity by suppressing useless layers of network defense systems and slow-performing DNS servers. Dozens of DNS clusters and load balancers can be eliminated – dramatically decreasing TCO, simplifying your DNS infrastructure, and increasing your level of DNS security. Deploy a decentralized DNS architecture to get the DNS service closer to customers, enabling you to reduce latency, improve user experience, and block the clustering of traffic in the network core during attacks.

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Protect Revenue and Data by Blocking Illegitimate Users

Prevent illegitimate use of DNS services from malicious actors who establish non-charged communication hidden within the DNS traffic, consuming ISP’s bandwidth and impacting revenue. DNS Blast real-time DNS analytics enables detection “on the fly”, without impacting service performance, of DNS tunneling or attempts to exfiltrate data over DNS queries. Thanks to patented adaptive countermeasures, the risk of false positives is practically eliminated while service continuity is ensured even when the source of a DDoS attack is unidentifiable.

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High-Performance DNS – Even in Virtual Environments

At EfficientIP we pride ourselves on our ability to support all types of corporate network strategies, including private cloud and virtualization. We have therefore made DNS Blast available as both hardware and virtual DNS appliances, allowing you to select the option most suitable to your corporate policy.

DNS Blast Key Benefits


Mitigate Extreme Volumetric DDoS Attacks

World’s fastest DNS appliance – up to 17 million queries per second (QPS).


Deliver Most Advanced Security Features


Simplify Network Design to Reduce TCO

Simplified architecture eliminating numerous redundant clusters, balancers and firewalls.

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Improve User Experience and Resiliency

Deploy highly-scalable DNS services, closest to clients bringing ultra-low latency.


Prevent Loss of Revenue Through Fraud

Detect and block illegitimate web communication hidden in DNS traffic.

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Simplify your network, protect revenue and ensure service continuity


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DNS Blast is one piece of EfficientIP’s unique 360° DNS Security offering. It helps protect both public and private DNS services against volumetric, DDoS and amplification attacks.

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