DDI For Financial InstitutionsAdvanced DNS, DHCP & IPAM For Banking and Insurance



Lock DDI for advanced security

DDI For Advanced Efficiency and Security

Financial services activities rely heavily on internet availability and the capacity to securely communicate information in real time. Therefore, network service continuity and security is more than a necessity- it’s a business imperative that a smart DDI solution supports.

DDI network services enable the financial services industry to explore new opportunities, increase revenue and stay competitive. By integrating DNS, DHCP and IPAM services, network teams can quickly deliver additional services with fewer errors to better support business.

  • Accelerate new branch or service deployment for better time to market
  • Enhance team productivity and efficiency with workflow
  • Reduce operating costs with control and policy-driven processes
  • Ensure business continuity

Cloud adaptive security

Adaptive Security To Mitigate Modern Threats

DNS servers are becoming the favorite target for hackers- it’s time for banks and insurance companies to secure their businesses and protect their data confidentiality with a modern DNS solution. The latest DNS security study from EfficientIP proves that legacy security solutions are not adapted to secure DNS infrastructure. The threat landscape is so wide that financial institutions need to be protected from volumetric, exploit or stealth attacks if they want to protect against data exfiltration and ensure business continuity.

EfficientIP’s SOLIDserver 360° DNS Security solution protects internal or external DNS from all kinds of attacks- even if the source cannot be identified- without blocking legitimate traffic due to false-positives.

  • DNS security best practices enforcement
  • Protection against zero-day vulnerabilities
  • DNS tunneling attack mitigation to protect data from exfiltration
  • Advanced analytics to detect abnormal behavior
  • Adaptive attack countermeasures to ensure unmatched service continuity

Smart DDI Key Benefits To Handle
IP Address Management

SOLIDserver provides dynamic and integrated management of IPAM with DNS & DHCP services in a single process, ensuring the highest level of quality.

Enforce Best Practices

Enforce compliant best practices

Scalability and Reliability

Improve scalability and reliability of the IP networks


Reduce IP management tasks with smart automation

Unify Network Services

Unify DNS, DHCP and IPAM services

Ensure Consistency

Ensure network consistency and real-time visibility


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