IPAM For LinuxIP Address Management For Linux DNS & DHCP Services

Global Visibility For Global Management

SOLIDserver™ manages and centralizes information relating to IP addressing plans, VLANs and multi-vendor DNS-DHCP services to reference, organize, and plan resources. It provides a single, comprehensive and real-time view of the entire address space deployed over multiple networks to help network teams to be more agile. The goal is to provide a complete and simple solution that enables end-to-end administration of these services, while adapting to the technical, human and administrative challenges of IT resource installation.

  • Enhance team productivity with multi-vendor DNS-DHCP services management
  • Improve agility with advanced delegation capabilities
  • Unify collaborative processes with workflow management

Unified Management Of IP Plan & DNS and DHCP Services

SOLIDserver provides dynamic and integrated management of IPAM with DNS and DHCP services in a single process, ensuring the highest level of quality and efficiency. It enables you to manage and deploy IP addressing plans and VLANs with DNS and DHCP services from a single tool and in one operation.

  • Multi-vendor DNS-DHCP services management
  • Flexible and scalable IP Plan modeling
  • Advanced delegation capabilities
  • Customizable reports and services monitoring
  • Active IP address and port tracking for IPAM reconciliation
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IPAM, DNS and DHCP Management For Linux

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