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Test Your Protection Against Data Breaches via DNS

EfficientIP proposes to conduct a test on the target network, and provide a short summary of the results. The test is a structured “ethical attack” on the DNS system and customer applications to identify potential vulnerabilities. It uses the same tools and techniques that real attackers use to break into networks.

What You’ll Receive

Pre-briefing with your team:

  • Understand your DNS configuration – authoritative & recursive DNS
  • Explanation of scope and objectives of the test

DNS data exfiltration test on your DNS servers:

  • Check for security vulnerabilities related to data exfiltration
  • Read-only actions performed, no configuration modifications
  • Carried out using EfficientIP’s specifically-designed toolkit


  • Explanation of test results
  • Identified vulnerabilities
  • Recommended actions & countermeasures

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