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360° DNS Security

The DNS threat landscape is quickly evolving, and both the variety and sophistication of DNS attacks are on the rise. The EfficientIP 360° DNS Security Solution offers a holistic approach to secure your DNS servers from both external and internal threats to protect your data and business continuity.

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Smart DDI

The agility and reliability of your network is only as strong as its IP foundation’s robustness and flexibility. EfficientIP's Smart DDI solution offers integrated management of multi-vendor DNS-DHCP servers with IP address, VLAN/VXLAN/VRF, and network devices in a single process. It provides visibility, control and high availability of your mission-critical network services through centralized management, advanced automation and corporate policy enforcement.

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Network Automation

Now more than ever before, business continuity, productivity and agility are network-dependent. Network configuration automation is a major challenge to keep pace with the velocity of business changes and new services. Network Automation technology from EfficientIP delivers end-to-end network visibility and control to simplify network management and reduce operating costs.

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Cloud & Virtualization

Orchestration and automation are both cornerstones for reliable, scalable and agile cloud infrastructures. DNS, DHCP and IP address management (DDI), coupled with advanced network automation are two fundamental solutions to successfully reach these objectives, and actively support your business imperatives.

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Application Traffic Management

To ensure business continuity, organizations need to guarantee their users can always access business critical apps. The EfficientIP DNS Global Server Load Balancing solution brings intelligent control of application traffic routing in order to strengthen application availability and performance, offering the best user experience.

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Cisco Umbrella Integration

The Cisco Umbrella and EfficientIP DNS Guardian technology alliance extends security perimeters to strengthen your network defenses. The native integration between technologies offers a best-of-breed solution to secure off-network DNS clients, while at the same time securing on-network DNS services. There’s no better way to ensure internal/external service continuity, safeguard data confidentiality, and protect your users wherever they may be.

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Integration to Network Management and Security Ecosystems

Thanks to its rich API set, SOLIDserver DDI can easily be integrated in complex ecosystems via automation. All information contained in the IPAM can be gathered and manipulated through API in order to perform real-time integration with any IT system, allowing infrastructure as code (e.g. with Cisco DNA), continuous deployment (e.g. with Ansible), ITSM (e.g. with ServiceNow), software defined datacenter automation (e.g. with Terraform), or security policy orchestration (e.g. with Tufin).

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