DDI For Service ProvidersAdvanced DNS, DHCP, and IPAM For Simplifying, Automating and Securing Networks

Optimize Network Infrastructures to Enhance Availability and Performance

Innovative digital transformation projects, multi-cloud and 5G are bringing deployment of new network foundations and architectures such as SDN, NFV and SD-WAN. These increase overall complexity for Telecoms operators and Internet service providers (ISPs) to set up and evolve their IP network to cater for new usages which require ultra-low latency.

DDI has a major role to play in this. Being a cornerstone for IP networks, DDI has become a critical technology for every service provider to ensure service availability, security and performance.

Automated DDI management is necessary for enabling a responsive network that ensures users can access their mission-critical applications, while improving productivity of your network team for zero-touch operations.

With integrated DDI, DNS security and Edge GSLB, EfficientIP SOLIDserver offers all the above, bringing an all-in-one platform to enable optimization of telco network architectures.


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“Compared to the competitors, EfficientIP had a winning product, helped by their capability to offer a very simplified architecture made up of a much lower number of servers required, which correlated to enhanced performance and scalability.”


Typical Telco and ISP Challenges Where EfficientIP Can Help

  • Speed up rollout of new apps and services
  • Overcome scalability limitations with elastic infrastructures, especially for new 5G usages
  • Reduce time taken for IP management tasks
  • Eliminate configuration errors from manual non-integrated processes
  • Fill gaps left by security tools for protecting against data theft, illicit communications and DNS attacks
  • Reduce architecture complexity and number of costly hardware components
  • Minimize latency for improving UX
  • Ensure 99.999% reliability

Carrier-grade Network Infrastructures: Everything Over IP

Services and usages for customers, including BYoD, IoT, video, VR, streaming and gaming, are all dependent on service continuity, performance and visibility. In this respect, SOLIDserver brings the following built-in capabilities:

  • High availability & performance for mission-critical DNS/DHCP network services
  • Flexible scalability thanks to high-performance DHCP
  • Improved user experience due to industry-leading DNS solution
  • Service continuity protection with patented innovation
  • Simplified network architecture for reduced costs
  • Error-free configurations with policies enforcement and data consistency


Case Study: PROXIMUS

See how this service provider simplified their architecture while at the same time improving scalability and reliability

Reap Benefits of 5G with Cloud Based Solution



Learn how SOLIDserver helps service providers enhance performance, UX and security on their 5G networks.

IP is the standard protocol between apps, making DDI a fundamental IP service enhancer. Fast deployment and auto-scaling architecture with NFV have become mandatory. Ultra-low latency is vital so DNS resolution times are in the spotlight. And to minimize DNS lookup times and increase cache-hit ratio, it’s become essential to place DDI components for enabling IP services at the edge of new networks.

That’s exactly how SOLIDserver DDI is architectured. The solution helps telcos enable their new 5G services, using a platform that groups an extended set of services which take advantage of automation and scalability. These range from traditional IPAM, DNS and DHCP to advanced security, application traffic management and a rich set of APIs easily included in any ecosystem of NFV and legacy applications, bringing:

  • DNS and DHCP service as a Network Function: compliance to standards (ETSI Mano,Tosca)
  • Images for most hypervision solutions including OpenStack
  • Scalability based on real service metrics
  • Zero-touch provisioning and configuration
  • Improved UX with services at edge and low latency

Accelerate Service Rollout by Automating Provisioning Process

By simplifying global life cycle management of IPv4/IPv6 addressing plans and DNS/DHCP services, and integrating to supply chain, SOLIDserver™ offers the ability to quickly deploy new services.

The included open APIs, SmartArchitecture templates, centralized IP data lake and actionable metadata enable:

  • Alignment of business operations and IT provisioning processes
  • Self-configuration and optimization of IP resources for autonomous networks
  • Consistency control across platforms by making central repository data available to apps and 3rd parties
  • End-to-end OSS / BSS and orchestrator integration through rich API set and webhooks
  • Improved team productivity with advanced delegation and collaborative workflow

Protect your Revenues with Advanced DNS Security

Weak DNS security degrades user application availability, UX and performance. Illegitimate use of DNS services from malicious actors who establish non-charged communication hidden within DNS traffic consumes ISP’s bandwidth and impacts revenue.
EfficientIP 360° DNS Security incorporates the world’s fastest DNS cache and authoritative server with most advanced security features and patented real-time DNS transaction analytics. Leveraging AI for behavioral attack detection and threat intelligence provides unique adaptive protection against volumetric (DDoS) and stealth (zero day, DNS Tunneling) attacks on private and public DNS infrastructure.

All this allows service providers to:

  • Detect and mitigate threats faster, filling gaps left by other tools (data exfiltration, DGAs…)
  • Secure cache content to maintain availability of critical DNS service
  • Ensure service continuity with adaptive countermeasures letting legitimate traffic pass
  • Automate enforcement of security policies across entire infrastructure
  • Simplify security architecture by suppressing non-adapted legacy security solutions

Maximize UX with Fastest DNS and Intelligent App Traffic Routing

Fast DNS answers significantly improve mobile user experience, even more so for lower transit delay on the radio network, a main advantage 5G offers. UX can also be optimized by choosing the most appropriate destination for an application requested, site or service.

Edge DNS GSLB in the DNS NFV installed near mobile devices reduces latency by using intelligent application traffic routing to identify the most responsive application server. Admins can influence the destination that each mobile device will reach based on its location – particularly interesting for IoT devices to locate the application server they want to connect to over the IP network. SOLIDserver enhances UX of subscribers thanks to:

  • Highest recursive DNS performances – up to 17M QPS
  • Anycast DNS access
  • Cache sharing between DNS servers for readiness during scaling processes
  • Application Traffic Routing decision taken at the edge of the network

Augment Subscriber Protection Through DNS

Amongst the valuable services Telcos and ISPs look to offer their subscribers is enhanced security. EfficientIP DNS Guardian capability to apply filtering policies based on client identification in addition to destination domain, as well as including RPZ filtering, brings a host of exciting new usages including:

  • Parental Control – apply different filtering lists to different members of the same network: filter = [client list] + [domain list] + [action]
  • Simple pre-defined policy (red/orange/yellow) applied to all the devices behind a CPE
  • IoT and whitelisting with NAC – IOT devices are screened by the NAC and authorized on the network. Once the IOT device is online, its identification is added to the list of known devices and authorized to use the whitelist

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Key Benefits

SOLIDserver delivers high performance DNS-DHCP-IPAM services to offer the agility, availability, and security that network service providers deserve. This enables them to enforce corporate policies and automate network services, in order to decrease operating costs and increase operational efficiency. The cost-effective SOLIDserver solution gives service providers the flexibility they need to fully support modern IT infrastructure.


Reduce costs by 70%

simplified IP and security architecture


Ensure high availability

strengthened resilience and disaster recovery management


Elastic Scalability

support for NFV model as a standard infrastructure VNF


Enhance UX

fastest DNS & DHCP, reduce recursive traffic latency to 28 µs


Improve service continuity

secure cache, adaptive countermeasures


Time Savings 80% for admins

automated tasks and workflows, templates and SMARTarchitecture


Speed up app deployment

end-to-end provisioning process automation, easy ecosystem integration


Enhance visibility

IP data lake with single viewpoint across platforms

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Explore the role that a fully integrated enterprise DDI solution plays in enabling agile IP resource management through automation, delegation, and scalability to address customer challenges such as business continuity and fast service rollout.