Industry AlliancesTechnology Partnerships for Network Security and Management Ecosystems

DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) is widely recognized as being a network foundation which is key for enabling end-to-end automation and for facilitating a holistic security approach for on-prem and cloud-based infrastructures.

EfficientIP has therefore developed open APIs and plugins enabling alliances with industry leading companies, ensuring the state-of-the-art standard and utmost compatibility of its technology with that of its partners. This allows EfficientIP solutions to run as smoothly and effortlessly as possible, significantly reducing the time and expenses incurred by our customers and partners, when testing and integrating systems.

We welcome new alliance partners, who benefit from compatibility testing as well as joint sales and marketing campaigns.


EfficientIP is a Microsoft® certified Independent Software Vendor, ensuring the compatibility of our technology with Microsoft’s technologies. EfficientIP SOLIDserver provides capability to pilot multi-vendor DNS and DHCP services such as those of Microsoft from a single pane of glass. The solution enhances agility by providing a comprehensive and real-time view of the entire address space deployed over multiple networks, allowing network teams to maintain full control of data consistency across complete IP addressing plans, VLAN organizations and DNS-DHCP architectures.


EfficientIP is a Technology Alliance Partner for delivering solutions for virtual environments running on VMware technologies.

VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure, delivers customer-proven virtualization solutions that significantly reduce IT complexity and accelerating an organization’s transition to cloud computing, while preserving existing IT investments.

EfficientIP DNS Guardian integrates with Cisco Umbrella for extending network security perimeters to ensure internal & external service continuity, safeguard data confidentiality, and protect users everywhere. The offering combines threat intelligence services to protect against malicious domains, with behavioral detection of attacks and adaptive security, creating a best-of-breed solution to identify and combat threats enterprise and internet-wide, faster than anyone.

AWS partner

EfficientIP partners with Amazon Web Services to offer a unique solution for managing and extending your public DNS services on AWS Route 53 global network, helping guarantee your online business availability while at the same time maximizing performance. The SOLIDserver DDI management appliance provides the simplest way to distribute Amazon-powered DNS services across global locations in just a few easy steps. With its worldwide DNS spots and unique anycast IP address, Amazon’s DNS infrastructure brings impressive service availability and enhanced user experience, while offering advanced protection for public DNS services against zero-day and DoS attacks.

ServiceNow logo

EfficientIP DDI integrates to ServiceNow, enabling end-to-end automation of IT life cycle management. ITSM workflows are often used in enterprises; when steps of the workflow are performed automatically the user is served faster and errors are avoided. IP and DNS configuration tasks are mandatory in most infrastructure operations. They are relatively simple acts but when performed manually require team resources availability, impacting delivery velocity. The “Activity Pack” created provides all necessary tools for easily interacting with SOLIDserver’s API from any workflow defined in ServiceNow, helping to reduce complexity, accelerate service rollout, ensured policy enforcement and error-free configurations.

Tufin Ready partner alliance

The EfficientIP partnership with Tufin offers a leading solution for security automation and compliance auditing activities. Combining SecureTrack with EfficientIP DDI guarantees error-free and automated real time configurations for ensuring defined security policies are adhered to.

A market leader of Security Policy Orchestration solutions, Tufin helps streamline management of security policies across complex, heterogeneous environments. Tufin designs, provisions, analyzes and audits network security configuration changes.


EfficientIP products are certified third party software solutions by Red Hat.

Red Hat is the world’s leading open source technology solutions provider with offerings including: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, open source applications, security and systems management, virtualization, Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions, Java application software and services.

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