Data regulations 2020

Data Regulations 2020: Time to Step up Your Data Theft Protection

Today’s data-driven economy is being led by personal data, so naturally focus is turning more strongly to privacy and protection….

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2019 EfficientIP Predictions

IT and Networks 2019: Prediction of Biggest Impacts

2019 is here, so it’s time to look closer at what this year will bring for network management, IT digital…

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DNS Security for Telco

Telcos Have Everything to Lose from DNS Attacks

Last month, telco service provider O2’s service went down across the UK. Users were unable to make calls, texts, or…

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GDPR imminent May 25 2018 is your DNS ready?

May 25th 2018 is imminent: Are you ready for GDPR?

Officially on May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will protect data related to citizens of the European…

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GDPR Compliance IDC Blog

Ensuring GDPR Compliance by Preventing DNS Exfiltration

The implementation of the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now a bit more than a year away….

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Understanding Privacy Shield

Different parts of the world have different views of how we need to treat personally-identifiable information. Europe takes a much…

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