Device ManagerUnify DDI, VLANs and Network Interface Management

Design, Control and Streamline Your Network Interface Allocations

To meet the challenges of a constantly changing IP-based environment, network infrastructure and device management must rely on consistent and streamlined processes.

Device Manager delivers unified management of devices and network interfaces, with DNS-DHCP-IPAM and VLANs-VRF in a single process. It provides a consistent, accurate and dynamic inventory and process automation. Device Manager’s unique end-to-end approach strengthens the network foundation, mitigates network downtime risk, cuts operating costs, and reinforces infrastructure security.

  • Control and leverage infrastructure investments by planning and anticipating capacity requirements
  • Delegate device deployments through wizard-driven processes
  • Enforce best practices through policy-driven deployment

Dynamic Device and Network Interface Repository

The web-based user interface enables the user to design and to visualize connections between different devices dramatically speeding up the process of resource provisioning, planning, and assurance.

  • Comprehensive enterprise-wide visibility of all hardware and virtual device types (switch, server, router, printer, IP phone, etc.) and their properties (name, number/interface type, OS, serial number)
  • Organize network interface with tags (backup, production, admin etc.) and naming conventions to streamline allocation
  • Define network interface connections between devices (i.e. server-switch) strengthening network architecture and mitigating risk of downtime

End-to-End Reconciliation Management

Device Manager is an essential complementary solution to NetChange, EfficientIP’s network discovery tool. With our SOLIDserver™ intelligent technology, the network is truly visible and easily analyzed when comparing with unified DDI, VLAN, and Device Manager repositories. EfficientIP delivers true and complete reconciliation capabilities, inclusive of IP address connections to network device interfaces and VLANs.

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