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Attacks On Public DNS Services Threaten
Your Business

The online experience of your company’s brand by your customers, partners or employees is highly dependent on the performance, resiliency and availability of your public DNS infrastructures. Malfunctioning or unavailable DNS services could lead to internet invisibility or impact on your e-commerce applications, resulting in a loss of revenue and brand reputation damages. Hackers understand these consequences, and look to take advantage of a weak target. A global DNS Security survey conducted by EfficientIP in 2016 shows that 82% of respondents having been targeted by a DNS attack in the last 12 months with severe damages (an increase of 10% from 2015).

DNS Cloud from EfficientIP offers a unique solution to extend and manage your public DNS services on Amazon Web Services’ Route 53 global network, providing unmatched benefits in securing your online business availability and maximizing its performance.

 The SOLIDserverTM DDI management appliance provides the most simple way to deploy, manage and control DNS Cloud services powered by Amazon. In a few easy steps, your DNS services are distributed across a series of worldwide locations.  From a simplistic, single pane-of-glass interface, you can centrally manage your domain name service in the cloud and your in-house multi-vendor DNS servers in an automated and consistent process.

EfficientIP Public DNS Cloud Key Benefits

EfficientIP DNS Cloud offers you the best performance and resilience that you should expect with a 100% service level agreement. Thanks to a unique anycast IP address and worldwide DNS spots, Amazon’s DNS infrastructure ensures unmatched service availability and a greater user experience for your customers. It provides state of the art performance and resilience, while offering advanced protection for your public DNS services against DoS and zero-day attacks. DNS Cloud services are a key complement to any security strategy.


Ensure Business Continuity

Mitigates zero-day and DDoS attacks, ensuring business continuity and global resiliency



Highly cost-effective internet DNS services can be deployed in a matter of minutes to support new objectives


Integrated Security Features

One console manages in-house and cloud DNS servers for unified, consistent deployment and automated management


Easy Deployment and Management

Provides the simplicity and agility new businesses need to easily implement cloud-based DNS services and scale as you grow

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DNS Cloud is part of EfficientIP’s unique 360° Security technology solutionprotecting against volumetric, exploit and stealth attacks for both public and private DNS infrastructures. Click here to learn more about our total approach.

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DNS Cloud: Protect Your DNS Services Against
Security Threats

Learn more about Amazon Web Services Route 53 integration, and how to protect your DNS from attacks.