Hybrid DNSThe Ultimate Protection Against Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Stop Putting Your Business At Risk Of
Zero-Day Exploits

The need for DNS security is greater than ever- new DNS zero-day vulnerabilities are published every month. A security alert or cyber attack that targets your current name server software will dramatically increase your risk of data loss or network downtime. With the most recent DNS vulnerability, one hacker with one specifically-crafted DNS query was able to crash DNS servers and take down critical businesses. Knowing that the underground market for zero-day vulnerabilities is generating millions of dollars of revenue, and that DNS is the most common target for hackers (Arbor Security Report 2016), organizations must be prepared to mitigate DNS zero-day attacks. Are you ready?


Secure Your DNS From Zero-Day Attacks

EfficientIP Hybrid DNS technology provides the highest level of security against zero-day vulnerabilities. The SOLIDserver™ Hybrid DNS incorporates two “best-in-class” engines in one appliance, easily and transparently managed as a single entity (BIND & NSD/Unbound).

Thanks to SmartArchitecture™ templates and wizard-driven management, the deployment of DNS architectures mixing different technologies is simple, ensuring compliance with fundamental security best practices, and eliminating single point of failure. Upon a security breach, you switch from the running name server software to the alternate name server software with a single click, unaffected by the DNS vulnerability. The DNS service is immediately secure. This eliminates the need to apply a security patch in an emergency without having validated its stability. The administrative team has time to test and validate the upgrade, and keep control of the process of critical network changes.

Hybrid DNS Engine & Architecture Key Benefits


Mitigate Zero-Day Vulnerability

Protection from malware and unauthorized user access


Eliminate Single Point-Of-Failure

Eliminate SPOF by mixing different technologies


Advanced Security Footprint

Baffle hackers with an advanced security footprint


Security Upgrades

Improve risk management of critical changes

2021 Global DNS Threat Report

Discover the growing dangers of DNS attacks, and read the results of the worldwide survey from EfficientIP and IDC.


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