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SmartArchitecture™Secure, Resilient and Automated DNS & DHCP Management

The deployment of DNS and DHCP services is complex. It requires strong expertise to correctly configure each individual DNS or DHCP server within a specific architecture. Any configuration errors will impact not only network availability but potentially also enterprise security.

EfficientIP SmartArchitecture™ intelligently simplifies and automates design, deployment and management of mission-critical DNS & DHCP servers, ensuring:

  • Template-based secure and reliable architecture designs.
  • Intelligent policy-driven automation for best practices enforcement.
  • Unified management for comprehensive control of your DNS-DHCP infrastructure across on-prem and cloud networks.

SmartArchitecture is compatible with EfficientIP’s SOLIDserver DNS & DHCP appliances, Microsoft® Windows DNS-DHCP servers, AWS Route 53 and Azure DNS Zones DNS Services and open source servers (ISC BIND and ISC DHCP), offering a smooth integration with existing network services.

Secure Design and Automated Deployment of DNS & DHCP Architectures

Simplify design and setup phase of your critical network services with a rich library of state-of-the-art, policy-driven templates of DNS & DHCP architectures:

  • DNS Master-Slave, Multi-master DNS, Stealth DNS, DNS load sharing
  • DHCP cluster, DHCP failover one-to-one, DHCP one-to-many (DHCP Star failover).

Apply automatically specific security best practices and ensure error-free setup configuration for fast and reliable deployments of your core network foundations.

SmartArchitecture_Automated Deployment in 3 steps

Advanced Management Automation of DNS & DHCP Services

Manage all servers within a SmartArchitecture as a single entity and eliminate configuration errors. Centrally manage and unify management of deployed SmartArchitectures through a single-pane-of-glass, for on-prem, hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud environments. Get comprehensive visibility of multi-vendor DNS-DHCP services with reports and dashboards.

Carrier-Class High Availability Active-Active DNS and DHCP Failover

Ensure network services availability with highly resilient SmartArchitecture. Automated active-active failover mechanisms deliver immediate swap in case of server failure, transparently to business operations. Innovative designs such as DHCP Star failover and hybrid Cloud DNS redundancy deliver an unprecedented level of resiliency while simplifying your network and decreasing operating costs.

Built-In Multi-Vendor DNS and DHCP Disaster Recovery

Implement unified multi-vendor DNS and DHCP disaster recovery plans in distributed network environments. Restore in just a few steps the configuration of a crashed server to its original state, the way it was right before the crash, without any loss of data.

Integrated IP Address Management With SmartArchitecture DNS-DHCP

Unify management of DNS-DHCP services with IP plans from one consistent GUI providing a comprehensive and real-time view of the entire address space deployed over multiple networks. Simplify delegation of complex tasks through wizard-driven and error-free deployments, and keep track of all changes.

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