CloudSOLIDserver™ For Cloud and Virtualization

Virtualization and cloud computing have brought a new and unprecedented level of agility to IT infrastructures, improving scalability and resiliency while reducing deployment time. Both public and private cloud adoption trends are accelerating to support constant needs for faster time-to-market, increased productivity and costs savings. Therefore, end-to-end IT management automation has become key for a successful cloud strategy shift. In this context, DDI (DNS, DHCP, IP address management) and network automation solutions have a major role to play for ensuring global visibility, unified resource management and process automation.

SOLIDserver™ appliance suite helps enterprises smoothly transition from traditional IT to cloud-based infrastructures and services. Advanced integration with leading cloud orchestrators enables automated provisioning and de-provisioning of IP resources such as  IP addresses and DNS services. Policy-driven deployments based on customized parameters enable alignment with your processes and organization.

Strengthen Reliability and Scalability of Private and Public Cloud Foundations

SOLIDserver™ DDI appliance offers comprehensive, unified and automated management of IPAM, DNS and DHCP services with VxLANs/VRF. It provides holistic visibility across heterogeneous cloud infrastructures, maintaining consistency between overlapping IP spaces and controlling resource consumption for sustainable scalability. Policy-driven deployments ensure ease-of-use for non expert administrators for lightning-fast services while automatically applying corporate standards and best practices. Resilient, high-performing DNS-DHCP servers deliver secure mission-critical network services for rapidly-evolving deployments.

Enable Multi-Cloud Strategy For Greater Agility and Unlocked Dependency

SOLIDserver™ helps enterprises unlock the technological dependency between multi-cloud platforms. The SOLIDserver™ DDI appliance suite has been designed to run on all major virtualization solutions available on the market, including VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and OpenStack. It can also run in public cloud environments on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. This Cloud-agnostic approach dramatically simplifies hybrid cloud strategy while lowering expenditure and improving agility.

On top of the DDI services it brings, deploying SOLIDserver™ in public and private clouds also enables hosting of EfficientIP’s NetChange and DNS 360° Security services.

SOLIDserver for the Cloud

Ensure Vendor-Agnostic Orchestration Integration with Connectors & Flexible APIs

SOLIDserver™ DDI appliance suite can be seamlessly integrated with leading Orchestrators to automate provisioning workflow (VMware vRealize, HPOO, Microsoft System Center, Red Hat Cloud Platform, Cisco IAC, Hashicorp Terraform). Flexible adapters and APIs enable purpose-built and intelligent sub-orchestration processes with existing orchestration platforms. SOLIDserver™ DDI brings centralized visibility and greater level of automation in multi-cloud environments for provisioning and deprovisioning of IP, DNS and DHCP services, thus ensuring fast and easy deployments according to specific management policies.

Configuration managers (Ansible, Chef, Puppet) are supported to ensure dynamic interaction with DDI resources, enabling agile and streamlined model-driven infrastructure deployments. The benefits of deploying SOLIDserver™ DDI and Network Automation for Public and Private cloud include:


Visibility and Control

Unified view of physical and virtual resources and attributes across multiple cloud platforms


Improved Reliability and Resiliency

Error-free configuration, consistency control, policy-driven deployments and high-availability of DDI services


Enhanced Scalability

Adaptable performance and advanced capacity planning reports


Increased Agility and Faster Time-to-Service

Advanced DDI Automation and Orchestration of management tasks and workflow processes


Reduced operational costs

Boosted productivity through management efficiency and smart delegation

Boost Your Cloud Infrastructure Agility With Integrated DDI

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