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IDC Technology SpotlightRising Prominence of DDI in Making Multi‐Cloud Strategies Secure and Successful

IDC forecasted that by 2020, over 90% of enterprises will use multiple cloud services and platforms. However, as of today, only a handful are confident of having a company-wide, well-orchestrated, automated, and secure multi-cloud strategy. Management of network infrastructures for multi-cloud is extremely challenging, due to the inherent complexity of providing available, reliable, and secure connectivity to applications distributed across on-premise and cloud data centers.

Download the IDC Technology Spotlight, and learn how DNS-DHCP-IPAM enables unlocked dependency for multi-cloud strategies by:

  • Simplifying resource management with policy-based automation
  • Enabling instant-start cloud services via seamless orchestration integration
  • Securing cloud app/service availability using dynamic threat intelligence
  • Enabling cloud independence and interoperability with 1-click move/reversibility