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Understanding the Critical Role of DNS in Network Security StrategyIDC 2019 Global DNS Threat Report

Many high-profile breaches and publicized security issues in enterprises have been widely exposed in recent years, demonstrating that traditional security products are no longer adequate and will not provide business continuity or data protection in a rapidly changing environment. The IT security threat landscape is continually evolving. Digital transformation is being driven by the fast adoption of cloud services, and there are major changes linked to the regulatory upheaval we have seen with the enforcement of GDPR, among other privacy initiatives. DNS is a primary target for cyberattacks, causing business damage in terms of downtime and financial loss, as it remains one of the critical elements in delivering IT services.

For its fifth year of publication, this report looks at the technical and behavioral causes for the rise in DNS threats, the state of defenses and essential guidance. Analysis of this Infobrief is based on a survey IDC conducted on behalf of EfficientIP of 904 organizations across the world during the first half of 2019.

Download the IDC 2019 Global DNS Threat Report to learn more about:

  • The costs and damages of DNS attacks
  • Most common attack types suffered
  • Business impacts by sector
  • The upcoming Network and Information Systems Directive (NISD)
  • Digital transformation and zero-trust security initiatives
  • Recommendations for achieving holistic network security