VideoMigration From VitalQIP Made Simple


If you’re a VitalQIP customer, you’ve probably noticed that your current DNS-DHCP-IPAM solution is outdated. Move from a legacy DDI to a feature-rich, integrated solution that is simple to configure, upgrade and maintain, and supports future growth for cloud, automation and virtualization. Join EfficientIP Senior Solutions Architects alongside current customer the University of Alberta for an on-demand webinar on the ease of transition from VitalQIP to the EfficientIP platform. You’ll learn about:

  • The concept of Smart DDI and importance of additional DNS security
  • Case study from the University of Alberta: VitalQIP challenges, migration experience, and benefits of moving to the EfficientIP solution (15:55)
  • Demo of migration to EfficientIP’s SOLIDserver (30:22)

EfficientIP has the technology, the expertise and the experience to help companies in transitioning. Need more? Explore the VitalQIP migration solution, and read more migration case examples.