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White PaperDNS Threat Survey 2017

Being one of the critical elements to deliver IT services, the DNS is increasingly a target of cyberattacks designed to cause downtime or simply cause business damage. Additionally, the DNS is being used by attackers as a vector to, for example, exfiltrate data or launch a DDoS attack. Spanning 1,000 global respondents and conducted by third party research firm Coleman Parkes, the 2017 Global DNS Threat Survey sets out to look at the causes (both technical and behavioral) for the rise in DNS vulnerabilities, their potential business effects, and suggestions on rapid, straightforward remedies. Sectors surveyed include Communications, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Retail, Services, Transportation, and Utilities. Download the annual report to learn more about:

  • The yearly average costs of damages caused by a DNS attack
  • The common attack types impacting businesses
  • The impact of DNS threats by sector
  • Comparisons to 2016 survey data
  • EfficientIP recommendations for a more secure DNS architecture