Virtualization & CloudBoost Your Virtualization & Cloud Services Deployment With DDI

Integrated DDI Supports Your Key IT Initiatives

The ever-increasing need for enterprises to enhance their competitiveness has led to a massive surge of private and public cloud adoption. The success of these strategic and game-changing initiatives rely notably on intelligent orchestration and end-to-end deployment automation. EfficientIP’s DNS-DHCP-IPAM (DDI) and network automation solutions are two fundamental components to successfully overcome challenges, and guarantee that your network infrastructure will actively support your business imperatives:

  • Increased agility and scalability to handle on-going changes
  • Faster time-to-service for better time to market
  • Boosted productivity to accelerate company’s efficiency
  • Decreased operational costs: do more with less

Unleash The Full Capacity of Network Cloud Automation

EfficientIP DDI and network automation solutions help companies to deploy more agile, reliable and scalable public and private cloud infrastructures through intelligent orchestration and end-to-end automation.


Global & Accurate Visibility On Virtual and Cloud Infrastructures At A Glance

EfficientIP’s solution takes inventory and manages DDI resources of your virtual and cloud infrastructures. It gives you the comprehensive visibility that you need into deployed virtual resources and their connections on network devices. It also allows you to track changes and control resource consumption from a single pane-of-glass.


Cloud & Virtualization Agility With Automation and Orchestrator Integration

Advanced integration with leading cloud orchestrators enables automated end-to-end management of provisioning and deprovisioning of VMs with associated IP addresses and DNS services. Intelligent, policy-driven deployments based on customized parameters enable alignment with your process and organization. This dramatically shortens time-to-service, improves agility and reduces operating costs.


Simplify Delegation & Improve Teamwork Efficiency With Workflow

Easy to use and flexible, user-friendly GUI guides users throughout the deployment steps, masking the complexity of the process. Granular delegation of rights empowers non-experts, streamlining resource qualification and consumption according to corporate policies. This unique approach frees administrators from laborious and time-consuming tasks, while improving the overall management team efficiency and reducing management costs.


Availability, Reliability and Scalability

Built-in consistency control and error-free configurations- based on centralized and policy-driven management- offer unmatched levels of reliability for your DDI and network cloud foundations. SmartArchitecture™ ensures DNS-DHCP best practices enforcement, and the highest level of resiliency to secure your business continuity. Advanced reports provide meaningful usage trend analysis, proactive services monitoring anticipates problems, and reconciliation identifies unused network resources to improve your cloud scalability.

IDC: Improving Business Agility Through Integrated DDI

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